Dear Green Place

The ESAIC is committed to incorporating environmental sustainability into its mission and vision. With a portfolio of programmes and a project-based approach, ESAIC aims to ensure sustainability is integrated into daily agendas and appropriate actions are taken to raise awareness of required changes within the field of anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine.

At Euroanaesthesia 2023 in Glasgow, ESAIC will launch a series of sustainability projects, such as an expert opinion paper, sustainability abstracts, Meet the Expert, ESAIC Expo, and high-profile lightning talks. In parallel with the conference, ESAIC will create its own “Dear Green Place” within the exhibition area to showcase green and sustainable innovations.

The Concept

Glasgow, which means “Dear Green Place” in Celtic, has a reputation for green spaces despite its industrial roots. Euroanaesthesia will feature its own “Dear Green Place”, a space for exploring, learning, meeting, and talking about sustainability. The exhibition will consist of themed islands showcasing industry equipment and staffed by members of the Green Anaesthesia Scotland and ESAIC Sustainability Committee.

The Islands

The five islands within the Dear Green Place will focus on

  1. Building Networks and Changing Practice
  2. Anaesthetic gases and drugs
  3. Waste and scavenging
  4. Energy efficiency, Renewable energies, and Circular economies
  5. Beyond Anaesthesia

The islands will have a permanent presence from expert members of the Green Anaesthesia Scotland (GAS) or ESAIC sustainability committee member able to talk about the subject of the island.

More about the Islands

Island 1: Building Networks and Changing Practice

Immerse yourself in the world of sustainable anaesthesia on Island 1. With a focus on “Building Networks and Changing Practice,” this island provides a platform for experts to share their insights on creating sustainable networks and measuring carbon footprints.

Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with them in our “Meet the expert” sessions and attend the significant opening and signing of the Glasgow Declaration.


Island 2: Anaesthetic gases and drugs

Island 2 concentrates on “Anaesthetic Gases and Drugs.” Get insights from experts about reducing the usage of gas and agents in anaesthesia and innovative initiatives like “The Nitrous Project”.

Dräger, Baxter, and Masimo, will present tools and ideas on how to reduce waste and improve the efficiency of inhalation anaesthesia.


Island 3: Waste and scavenging

Island 3 is all about “Waste and Scavenging.” Experts will guide you through concepts related to waste management and energy efficiency in medical practices.

Engage with GE Healthcare, Masimo, and Aguettant, as they showcase solutions for safe and minimal waste practices in healthcare.


Island 4: Energy efficiency, Renewable energies, and Circular economies

Navigate the future of anaesthesia on Island 4, focusing on “Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energies, and Circular Economies.” Here, you’ll interact with experts who will speak on sustainable warming, eco-design in healthcare, and the efficiency of CONTRAfluran Gas Capture Technology.

Presentations from Philips, 3M, and Baxter, will further enhance your understanding of these critical topics.


Island 5: Beyond Anaesthesia

On Island 5, we take a step “Beyond Anaesthesia.” Experts will discuss sustainability beyond theatres and how anaesthesiologists can make a difference. This island is a must-visit for forward-thinking practitioners looking to make a broader impact in their field.

Presentation from Masimo will offer a glimpse into the future of sustainable medical practices.

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