Simulation Lab

Euroanaesthesia’s onsite activities also include active learning opportunities through a variety of simulation workshops providing participants with a fully immersive experience in simulation-based and experiential learning.

Attendance to simulation workshops is limited and requires pre-registration only available to delegates registered for the onsite portion of the congress in Glasgow.

Without a workshop registration, congress delegates are all welcome to have a peek into our SimLab located in an open view setting.

The SimLab programme has been elaborated by experts in Simulation in collaboration with the Scientific Committee and includes a series of workshops using either high-fidelity or procedural simulation training.

High-fidelity sessions will give the opportunity to participants to manage challenging clinical scenarios using a patient simulator, allowing them to practice both technical and non-technical skills.

During procedural sessions, hands-on training will be provided on specific perioperative procedures using a variety of live models, virtual reality simulators, part-task trainers and ultrasound machines.

Simulation Programme

High-Fidelity Workshops in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
€ 75 including 20% UK VAT


High-Fidelity Workshops in Obstetric Anaesthesia
€ 75 including 20% UK VAT


Procedural Simulation Workshops
€ 75 including 20% UK VAT


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