Join one the guided tours in the exhibition hall!

During these sessions you will be visiting 3 companies’ booths with a small group of fellow colleagues and a guide with substantial clinical experience in the field of your interest.

During the presentations at the booths, you will exchange ideas about the underlying principles of the technology and/or drugs, clinical applicability, and everyday use.

Dr Hugo Carvalho (Brugge, Belgium) will guide a tour focusing on Connectivity where industry companies can present how their newest technologies, medical devices and development, including artificial intelligence, can impact the future of Healthcare.

With Dr Patricio González-Pizarro (Madrid, Spain), the tour will focus on Environmental sustainability in perioperative care. Healthcare sector contributes to 5.2% of global greenhouse emissions annually. These emissions come from a wide variety of sources: inhaled anaesthetic agents contribute to 3% of the total emissions from the healthcare sector. In addition, up to 4.2% of a nation’s waste generation may be attributable to healthcare, and operating rooms produce approximately 20% of all waste in a hospital. The field of anaesthesiology and intensive care has an important role to play in helping countries decrease the carbon footprint of their health systems and protect the future environmental sustainability healthcare.

The tour led by Prof. Basak Ceyda Meço (Ankara, Turkey) will focus on Brain matters & more. She will navigate you through the field of personalized precision anaesthesia care-defining and aligning the common interests of anaesthesiologists.

The informal format intends to provide a very low threshold to ask questions. We welcome practitioners at every level in their training or professional career.

Participation is limited to 15 persons per tour.

Registration fee of 35€ per guided tour, with the possibility for participating delegates to be reimbursed.

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