Innovation Village

Welcome to the ESAIC Innovation Village – a pioneering concept introduced for the first time at Euroanaesthesia 2024 in Munich.

The innovation village, in the exhibition, it’s a space where ESAIC and Industry Partners connect, discuss and present healthcare opportunities and challenges generated by innovation. This year, we focus on three key areas of discussion: connectivity, sustainability, and neuroscience.


We explore how interconnected medical devices, Artificial Intelligence and data are transforming healthcare delivery. Through seamless integration and enhanced communication, our aim is to improve patient care and streamline processes for healthcare professionals.


We are committed to minimising our carbon footprint within anaesthesiology and intensive care. By leading the charge towards sustainability, we aim to create a healthier future for both patients and the planet.


We are closing the Brain Health Focus track initiative 2023 with a discussion about the power of new EEG parameters, their added value and the potential usefulness.

Each panel discussion represents a collaborative effort between industry leaders and ESAIC experts. The daily programme is designed to foster engaging discussions, chaired by field experts, and followed by insightful conversations with industry leaders and innovators. This is your chance to be part of a transformative experience.

This is a pivotal moment in the healthcare industry!
The ESAIC Innovation Village is not just an event but a platform where we can collectively shape the future of healthcare.

We thank all the partners who joined this initiative!


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