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Euroanaesthesia is an annual conference that brings together professionals from the fields of anaesthesiology and intensive care. As a way to honour those who have made exceptional contributions to these fields, Euroanaesthesia has established the tradition of opening the conference with the Prof. Ibsen and Sir Macintosh lectures. These lectures are an opportunity to recognise individuals’ outstanding contributions and emphasise their vital role in the medical community. The Prof. Ibsen and Sir Macintosh lectures are highly regarded within the field and are a highlight of the Euroanaesthesia conference.

Sir Robert Macintosh Lecture

Prof. Ibsen Lecture

Sir Robert Macintosh Lecture

Is an anaesthesiologist required on board during mission to Mars?

25 May 2024

9:30 – 10:00 CEST

Auditorium 1

Chair: Prof. Michel MRF Struys (Groningen, Netherlands)

Speaker: Dr Matthieu Komorowski (London, United Kingdom)


Matthieu Komorowski is a Clinical Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London and a consultant in intensive care and anesthesiology at Charing Cross Hospital in London. Matthieu holds additional qualifications in space, mountain, diving and hyperbaric medicine. He was previously a medical research fellow at the European Space Agency, and in 2022 he reached the final stages of the European Space Agency astronaut selection.

During his PhD, Matthieu attended MIT as a visiting scholar, and was an associate of Harvard University where he taught on machine learning in healthcare. His research group at Imperial College London has secured around £1.3 million in funding to develop and test artificial intelligence-based tools for sepsis in the NHS.

Prof. Ibsen Lecture

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